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Meet Merri

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Merrideth Weisman
Screen Name: MERRIwe83

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Status: Single, Woman seeking a Man
For: Marriage
Location: Beverly Hills, CA
Birthdate: June 13, 1984
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown
Height: Depends on the Louboutins.. lol
Weight: N/A

Originally from: Southern California
Dating History: Questionable
Language(s): English
Occupation: Self-Employed, Volunteer
Income: N/A

I am a: Dog person.

Socially I enjoy: Hosting parties/ events, traveling, hanging with friends, and yachting.

Activities I love: Pilates, Tennis, Hiking, Golf, Beach Volleyball, and Shopping.

My Ideal Match
Age Range: 26-36
Education Level: Bachelor’s Degree
My perfect mate is: Someone who loves to travel, accepts my friends, and doesn’t judge (especially when I eat an entire box of cupcakes!!! JK... kinda).

About Me

Originally from Southern California, I graduated from USC with a degree in Psychology. FIGHT ON! At SC, I was Rush Chair of my Sorority, Gamma Kappa Delta, captain of the USC tennis team, and fulltime football fan! After graduation, I spent six months abroad (Italy, France, Spain… you name it, I “abroad-ed” it).

Since returning to the states, I resumed my volunteer/ philanthropist positions at numerous Non-Profit Organizations including: Girl Scouts of America, The Race to Erase MS, Camp del Corazon, Shifting Ground, among others.

In my spare time I love to lounge by the pool, shop with my besties MAC and Jess and, of course, work out. My idea of the perfect day would be a hike in Malibu, pilates in WeHo, and a fro-yo on Rodeo!!! I love dining out at the Ivy or Katsuya, but nothing beats a cozy cuddle on the couch with a giant tin of popcorn… oh, and that special someone, of course :) LOL!!!

Merri's Favorites

Favorite Food:
Cupcakes!!! A dark chocolate cupcake with marshmallow filling, topped with milk chocolate icing, drizzled in caramel, sprinkled with sliced almonds and a dot of whipped cream.
Basically….. anything SWEET!

Favorite Snack:
Popcorn! Caramel, Cheddar and Plain all in one bucket… BRILLIANT!

Favorite Cupcakes:
Sprinkles. Red Velvet and Chocolate Marshmallow. The BEST!

Favorite Candy:
SEES!! Dark chocolate covered caramel….

Favorite Books:
Eat, Pray, Love and Wuthering Heights

Favorite Movies:
Romeo and Juliet, Titanic, and The Sound of Music

Favorite Makeup:
Valerie Beverly Hills. Eye Patches and Vitamin E lip stick are my late night saviors

Favorite Workout:
Glisten Workouts. Daily Emails sent directly to my Blackberry Bold! It’s my own personal trainer …

Favorite Accessory:
My “crack” berry… the Blackberry Bold!

Favorite Shoe:
Toss up… Valentinos or Louboutins?

Favorite Designer:
Barn Project

Favorite Website dedicated to Fashion:

Favorite Blog:
Mine, of course!

Favorite Stores:
LIVE on Sunset

Best in LA:
Shopping: Robertson
Salads: LaScala
NY Pizza: Mulberry
Sushi: Hamasaku
Burgers: Father’s Office